Positive Classroom Reinforcements

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Today, I wanted to share some positive classroom reinforcements that I use in my own classroom! These are just two that I use, but of course there are MANY others as well! I hope this post is helpful to you!


The first one is the star student. Every Friday I choose a star student of the week! This particular student gets to take home a poster (I get mine from Amazon:Star Student Poster ) and decorate it with drawings, colors and pictures! Typically I send the poster home with a note letting their parents know that they were chosen as the start student. The note lets the parents know why their child was chosen as well as what to do with the poster. They get the entire weekend to decorate the poster and bring it back on Monday to share it with the whole class! I hang it up and it is there for the entire week (as seen above). I also include a sign that the student can have at their desk.


This is a great way for the students to feel accomplished but also share bits of their lives to their classmates. I am able to learn a lot of new things about my students through these posters. At the end of the week they can take it home!


The second thing I use is the V.I.P table! I combine this with Table Points. Throughout the week, each table gets points for positive things that they’ve done. These include: having a clean table, cleaning up quickly, being nice to our friends, working hard etc. At the end of the week, the table that gets the most points get to be the V.I.P table for the day! In the V.I.P bucket I include: cool pencils, markers, colored pencils, cool erasers, and Mr. Sketch markers.


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