8 Things you can buy at Disney World for your classroom!

Hi friends!

I just got back from a 2 week trip in Florida about three days ago. While in Florida, I spent time at Universal Studios as well as Disney World! I am a HUGE Disney fanatic! I’ve loved Disney my entire life, everything from the movies to the music and the world that surrounds it! Some of the schools in my district choose a new theme for the entire school year, every year! One of the schools decided to choose a Disney theme! This really got me thinking about all the ways you can incorporate Disney into your classroom! While at Disney I noticed so many things you can get to use in your own classroom! Whether you want to have Disney everywhere or just in a subtle way, if you want to add a little magic from Disney keep reading!

  1. Sticky Notes


The first thing is something ALL teachers need: sticky notes! Now, I know you can get sticky notes cheaper pretty much anywhere else – but look how cute these are! It’s a subtle way to add Disney to your everyday life! It was about $13 for a pack of four or 2 packs for $19.95. Imagine how cute these would look on your desk?!

2. Magnets


The second thing on the list is magnets! I don’t know about you but I use magnets in my classroom pretty often! Whether it is to display a new anchor chat or just to hold up some example papers for my students! My magnets are pretty boring, so how cute would it be to add a touch of Disney when you want to display paper? I especially LOVE the Mickey Mouse body parts! Your students would love these too!

3. Feelings Magnet


Now, I know this is also a magnet and technically falls under number 2 but I felt this needed its own post! This is an AWESOME magnet. I’ve seen many teachers that use a “cool down” corner in their classroom. I think this magnet would fit PERFECTLY in a cool down corner. The student can think about how they feel and use this magnet to get the message across. This also made me think of all my shy students who might not want to say out loud how they are feeling. The student can use this to let me know how they’re feeling without even saying anything!

4. Mickey Mouse Trophy


I saw these REALLY cool trophies in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and couldn’t help but take a closer look! The really cool thing about these is that you can get them personalized with ANYTHING you want. If you can’t find you like, simply ask a cast member to get it engraved! In a previous post I wrote about how I choose star students in my class room (you can read about that here) and I ended up buying one of these trophies specifically for that! I thought it would be such a cute idea to take a picture of the star student holding this trophy and adding that to their end of year memory book!

5. Pillows


Fifth of my list is pillows! I love to create an environment where students feel at home and I think pillows can help! Students can use them while reading or if you have flexible seating in your classroom. Yes, you can use any old pillow but how fun would it be to have a Disney one?

6. Mugs 


This is one of my favorites on this list! Mugs! I collect mugs so i LOVED seeing these walls full of mugs! You may be thinking how this can be incorporated into a classroom besides using them for coffee! You can use these as organizers! How cute would it be to have that Baymax mug on your desk filled with all your favorite pens? I couldn’t resist getting the Chip one myself.

7. Musical Instruments 


I found these really cool instruments in Animal Kingdom! They had all different kinds, from flute like instruments, to drums and rain sticks. I love incorporating music into my classroom – whether it is for fun or even transition times. These instruments really can motivate students and even be used to teach rhythm in poetry. They can also be used to teach history and culture!

8. Character toys 


I saw a lot of little toys here and there and this is one that you can use in your classroom as well! This can be used for morning work or center time to develop this developmental skills or even fine motor skills. Other character toys you can get our puzzles! I use puzzles in my classroom and my students love them!

There you have it! 8 things you can get from Disney World for your classroom! Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘Hey! Some of these I can get outside of Disney World for significantly cheaper!’, which is definitely true! But these are also things you can get at Disney. If you’re a Disney fanatic like me, you love adding a little bit of Disney magic to your everyday life. I think these are wonderful ways to do that without going over the top.

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