2017-2018 Kindergarten Classroom Reveal!

It has been a crazy month! I have been absent from this blog for quite awhile and I apologize for that! With the beginning of school starting, I was busy setting up my classroom as well as professional development. The weekend before the first day of school, Hurricane Harvey hit and we were out for 2 weeks. It’s been a stressful and hectic couple of weeks but I am now ready to reveal my classroom! *Fingers Crossed* We will be able to start school this Monday!

*Warning: Picture Heavy Post!”

Our schools are open concept therefore most of the classrooms don’t have doors, but this year I got a classroom with a door! I don’t have a specific theme, instead I just went with everything that I liked! haha I have trouble sticking to a theme because there are so many things that I like and love to incorporate.

The first thing at my doorway is this small table to welcome all my students and visitors! I wanted something to welcome people into my classroom and this was perfect for the small area! The white side table is from IKEA, and the Heidi Swapp LightBox is from Amazon. It is no secret that I love Disney, so I wanted a way to subtly add Disney into my classroom. The sign reads: “To all who comes to this happy place, Welcome!”


Directly to the right of this is where my cubbies are. Students typically keep their folders and work in here!


Walking straight into the classroom, I have a set of cabinets on the left wall. Within these cabinets I keep all my materials and supplies. Above the cabinets I have a sweet reminder for my students.


The pocket charts on the cabinets are for rotations. Directly next to these cabinets I have a corner for my tiny kitchen area. Since my class isn’t very big I need to make sure I use most of my wall space productively. Above the sink in the kitchen area I have a place to display my weekly star student posters!


In our school, we use lanyards for lunch as well as checking out books in the library. This Cell Phone Pocket Chart is where I will keep each student’s lanyard.

Onto the very front on my classroom: the whiteboard!


I have a created an area of the whiteboard specifically for calendar time. Calendar time is part of our morning meeting every morning! And of course, I have an objectives display right next to it. The shelves underneath the board is for morning tubs. And to make sure every space is used, the top of the shelf will be used to display our author study books and information!

Then of course I have my easel towards the other side of the white board.


On the opposite side of those big cabinets are these smaller cabinets, as well as my computer table and guided reading/math kidney table.



Some guided reading materials are organized on this Shelf (also from Amazon, of course!)


Right behind my computer table I have my teacher toolbox as well as my weekly tubs. This is where I keep my lesson plans and materials for the entire week.


Right next to my desk, I wanted something to keep all my knick knacks as well as place to make my own!


Lastly, we have the very back wall of the classroom! This wall is mainly for all my Anchor charts.


The shelves hold the Math and Word Work tubs for my students as well as some dry erase boards. The pink crate holes our clipboards and the blue crate holes our offices. The table behind the computers is our mini writing center. It’s simply a place to hold our writing paper as well as other writing materials.

And then onto my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of the classroom! My Library! I am a second year teacher, so it’s something that is still growing!!


I love it because it is just so cozy! It’s somewhere I would love to be while I’m reading! The campfire is from The Land of Nod and the tent is from Toys R us! I got in on sale for $30 at the beginning of summer!

I hope you enjoyed my very first classroom reveal!! I can’t wait till my kids come in to enjoy it!! Here’s to a wonderful school year!!

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